Friday, February 24, 2012

Sunlight and the Garden

1. Light is energy always in wavelengths, some only visible to the visual eye. Light travels through photons? Lights speed is E=Mc^2.
2. Gold is AU, an element. It is the 79th element on the periodic, which means it has 79 electrons. Gold is malleable, ductile, and lustrous.
3. A garden is plant and area of nature without civilization. 6CO2 + 6H20 = C6H1206 + CO2

4. Ambiguity is doubtfulness and uncertainty of intention. Scientists use the word "Theory" because nothing is ever certain in science, such as the speed of light being the fastest thing in the universe.
5. I expect direct and intelligent language that is experimental. It is always backed up with facts and is right to the point.
6. It keeps writing the formulas to a minimum which keeps confusion out as well.

7. With sunlight, it relates to warmth, light, day, morning, and time. It means much more than the literal meaning of light because it has words that associate with it. Light is a broad term, where as sunlight is a specific thing. Light has many metaphorical aspects to it.
8. Gold can mean money, fame, wealth, and royalty. In historical stories and fictional stories, gold is always the thing they are striving for. Gold is also used with the Olympics, which signifies first place.
9. Garden is vegetables, Adam & Eve, Zen, Flowers, Dirt, and produce. When I think of gardens, I think of my mom working out and planting food.
10. Science uses words in a physical manner, where other aspects of language can be seen in a metaphorical meaning. In the poem they say sunlight in the garden which we think is literal, where as every evil iron is metaphorical.

11. No, it does not literally harden or grow cold. These are all concepts that we associate with sunlight even though the sunlight does not actually result in these. Depending on how you perceive it, it can have a literal and metaphorical aspect. Metaphorically we believe that the poem is a representation of a piece of culture that is a disappearing and Louis MacNeice is emotionally involved with it. Unfortunately, you cannot "cage the minute" and withhold what is being lost.
12. It is to petition against punishment and we know because their is a contradiction with the light growing cold, because that can not literally occur. The author is angered about something, so he is writing about it but not being remorseful about it because it's not his fault.

13. MacNeice uses the line as a representation that he is unable to escape the forces that are causing the rift in the culture.
14. No because there is patents on everything because everyone wants to take credit for finding something out. You can take general equations and use results of other scientists, but not copy an entire experiment.

15. Scientific language does not use any of this because it has to be factual and straightforward.
16. MacNeice uses repetition to prove a point and encircle the poem. He uses it as well to reinforce the metaphor.
17. It affects our interpretations of the poem because the context clarifies our denotation and what the poem is actually about. The context allows us to understand the culture of what the author has been enduring. This also allows to view the literal and metaphorical aspects of the poem.

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